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Happiness Framework

People Happiness Approach

happiness wheel of life

Corporate Happiness Framework

corporate happiness

Healthier and Happier

Global well-being consultancy with a smart platform to assess, implement, manage, monitor and control organisational wellbeing strategies.


Enhanced reporting and tracking of program participation.

Always in touch

Turn-key employee wellness program for easy implementation and communication.

Holistic approach

Designed by experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition, exercise science and healthcare.

Motivated employees

Incentive programs encourage higher employee participation.

Reduce costs

Improved employee health lowers healthcare costs.

Effective program management

Integrated financial tool provides effective management of overall program cost.

Improved performance

Healthy lifestyle improvements result in higher engagement and satisfaction.

Easy sign up

Event calendar overview and registration via web portal or smartphone.

Well-being for success

Comprehensive program encourages physical activity, improved nutrition and stress management.

Intuitive and easy

Program interaction results in higher motivation to participate.

Data security

Employee decides what data, if any, can be seen by program managers.

Real time feedback

Employee feedback helps improve the program.

The 12 Habits Program

thought provoking sessions by industry and topic experts

In support of the “U.A.E Happiness initiative” to connect the community through Happiness in the “Year of the Giving 2017”, The Spreading Happiness Team: Vonni Events, Touch Points Consultancy and Marsam Mattar have collaborated to bring to the community, “Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness”